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Look Here: Three fanzine covers, with art by Jeffrey Jones

My apologies in advance to a certain frequent visitor to this blog who is tired of my ongoing series of posts featuring the art of Jeffrey Jones, but I rescued these zine cover scans from three auctions that ended yesterday, and just had to share them:

In a promotional clip for the forthcoming documentary, Better Things: Life + Choices of Jeffrey Jones, that used to be available for viewing on the documentary’s official Web site, Michael Kaluta talked about the galvanizing impact the painting that appeared on the cover for Trumpet #8 had on him and his friends, but it looks like a fairly routine student effort to me. I guess you had to be there…

One thought on “Look Here: Three fanzine covers, with art by Jeffrey Jones

  1. Turns out I saved the clip of Kaluta talking about Jones’s painting. I don’t think it would be right for me to post “sequence-1.mp4” here, so instead I have transcribed the relevant section:

    KALUTA: I first met Jeff Jones at a World Science Fiction Convention here in New York City in 1967, and I met him just after I saw a painting that he did that was in the art show, that had just won a first prize, if I’m not mistaken. Uh, it was a barbarian-like painting. It had tons of colour, tons of expression, tons of life in it. It was a pose that I’d never, ever seen. You couldn’t see the face.

    INTERVIEWER: Is that a good thing?

    KALUTA: It was a good thing in this context because the picture had all this verve to it, because the character was on his knees, throwing his head and arms way back. You knew the head was there. It didn’t look like there was no head. You knew the head was there because the action suggested that there was a head there. You might have seen some hair flying this way or that way, but it was a very expressive picture that was painted so masterfully and had such a powerful effect, especially in the original, that myself and the friends that were with me walked around going, “Whoah, this guy is good!” [Laughs.] And then we got to meet him through Bernie Wrightson who was a young artist at the time we had not met but he had come to the convention and he had won an award for some of his drawings as well. So, when we met Bernie, he said, “Oh, you’ve got to meet Jeff Jones.” And we said, “Oh, is he the fellow that painted that magnificent picture.” “Yes, he is.” So, it was then that we all met each other.


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