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Look Here: The Guardians #1 and #2, with cover art by Jeffrey Jones

From the growing vintage paperback library of yours truly, here are two novels of “occult Evil” by Peter Saxon, with cover art by Jeffrey Jones:


Very, very nice.

Keywords: The Guardians, The Killing Bone, Dark Ways to Death.

3 thoughts on “Look Here: The Guardians #1 and #2, with cover art by Jeffrey Jones

  1. Hi Clayton! The fellow who runs the Groovy Age of Horror blog has written about Peter Saxon’s Guardians series. Click here to read reviews of the various books and to see more covers by Jeffrey Jones and others.

    Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but I included Jones’s cover for The Curse of Rathlaw in a previous post. As the blurb on the cover indicates, The Curse of Rathlaw is also a Guardians novel.

    Click here to jump directly to the The Curse of Rathlaw cover, with art by Jeffrey Jones.


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