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Ebay Win: Various publications with art by Jeffrey Jones

Yesterday, I won an ebay auction for 12 items with art by Jeffrey Jones, some of which I already own, but the majority of which I don’t. Here’s the list that was provided by the seller, followed by the auction images (although, of course, I intend to post better scans once I have the items in hand):

8 paperback books with Jeffrey Jones cover paintings

The Planet Wizard by John Jakes
Day of Beasts by John Muller
The Dirdir by Jack Vance
Swords in the Mist by Fritz Leiber
Dark Planet by Hunter
Uncharted Stars by Andre Norton
Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton
Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny

The paperbacks vary in condition. Most are decent. Some have surface wear, and corner bumps. [….]

The two tabloid issues of ART SHOW from 1977 and 1978. #1 has Jones art inside and #2 has the DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE cover printed from the original art. This is what the painting actually looks like. The color was added photographically for the printed comic book.

Jeff Jones postcard from a privately printed set from around 1974 which included Frank Frazetta, STEVE HARPER, Mike Nally, and Norman Lindsay.

COLOUR YOUR DREAMS — with Jones covers and one image inside. Also inside are drawings by Kaluta, Wrightson (a very early Frankenstein piece), Barry Smith, Fujitake, Dave Cochrum, Roy Krenkel, and others. Nice portfolio — 32 pages. Published in 1972.


Regular visitors to RCN may recall that I already own and have posted scans of four out of eight of the paperbacks pictured above; the other four, however, will be new to this site, assuming they are in good enough condition to produce a decent scan. But that being said, the main reason I bid on the lot is to get the postcard, the two issues of Art Show, and the Colour Your Dreams portfolio publication.

All of which is to say: Jones fans, you have something to look forward to here at RCN in a couple of weeks!

One thought on “Ebay Win: Various publications with art by Jeffrey Jones

  1. I own that issue of DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE #2 with the Jones ink wash cover. Nice to see it in its original form, though I’m a bit surprised DC didn’t sue him for reprinting a 1972 work-for-hire cover which they own. Probably didn’t see it on ART SHOW #2’s cover in 1978, I suppose. I never could understand why Jones made the man’s legs in that cover so wide apart; it seems they couldn’t attach at the pelvis in the right place. Still a beautiful piece, in the vein of his own WONDER WOMAN #199:


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