Illustration Art · Look Here · Richard Corben

Look Here: Two Corben illustrations from “Barbarian Comics”

The first illustration posted below appeared on the inside back cover of Barbarian Comics #2 (1972) and the second appeared in Barbarian Comics #3 (1974):


I wonder if the illustration from 1972 was one of the inspirations for the opening scene of Corben and Strnad’s New Tales of the Arabian Nights (New York: HM Communications, 1979), in which two brothers, Shahryar and Shahzaman, are blackmailed by a woman who was snatched on her wedding night by a giant jinni named Ifrit so that none might lay with her but him, and who takes her revenge on the beast by cuckolding him, whenever he sleeps, with whatever men happen to be available: “My lovers have numbered five hundred and seventy,” she tells the brothers with a leer, “and now I would count two more.” And since refusal means certain death at the hands of the jealous jinni, whom the woman has threatened to awaken from his sleep should she not get her way, the pragmatic brothers do what must be done to save their lives.

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