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The Slow Death of the Frazetta Museum Collection

14 November 2009: the Spectrum Web site reports that “Grand Master Frank Frazetta’s cover painting for the Lancer paperback, Conan the Conqueror by Robert E. Howard, sold this week to a private collector for a reported $1,000,000.”

08 June 2010: Heritage Auctions issues a press release bragging that “Frank Frazetta’s original 1955 artwork for Weird Science-Fantasy #29, considered by many comic art fans to be the finest comic book cover of all time, has been sold in a private treaty sale for $380,000 – almost certainly the most ever paid for a single piece of original American comic book art – to Heritage Co-Chairman and Co-Founder Jim Halperin, a collector known to own one of the finest comic book and original comic art collections in the world. It was an outright purchase for immediate payment, with no trade-ins involved.”

22 July 2010: the Pocono Record reports that “Frank Frazetta’s ‘Conan the Destroyer’ painting has been sold to a private collector for $1.5 million.” The seller is identified as “a family trust.”

3 thoughts on “The Slow Death of the Frazetta Museum Collection

  1. It was certainly not Frank and Ellie Frazetta’s desire that the collection be broken up, let alone the ‘crown jewels’ of the museum.


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