Heads Up! · Jeffrey "Jeff" Catherine Jones


Coming this October from IDW, in both a regular hardcover and a signed and numbered limited edition:

Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art


* Hardcover: 256 pages
* Publisher: IDW Publishing (Oct 5 2010)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1600107370
* ISBN-13: 978-1600107375


Over the past 40 years, there have been few artists who have received as much acclaim and garnered as much attention as Jeffrey Jones. From his early comic book work for Heavy Metal and National Lampoon to his popular book covers for such authors as Dean Koontz and Andre Norton to his move into fine art, Jones has inspired generations of painters and artists. This beautiful volume of his personal favorites will only enhance his reputation and cement his standing as one of America’s greatest living artists.

The cover design of the new volume is very similar to the design of the Jeffrey Jones Sketchbook, which was published by Vanguard and has now gone out-of-print:

Need I add that the new collection is very exciting news!? In fact, I’ve already placed my order for the limited signed and numbered edition. Hope I get one.


The hardcover edition of The Art of Jeffrey Jones (Underwood, 2002) is currently on sale at Budsartbooks.com for US$14.95, while supplies last. The deluxe, slipcased edition was also on sale a short time ago — I know because I bought one, even though I already had the regular hardcover, which I purchased at full cover price — but it’s now sold out. Sorry I forgot to mention…

2 thoughts on “Heads Up: JEFFREY JONES: A LIFE IN ART

  1. If Jones needs a rep with no experience, no connections, and no people skills, I’m available.

    Have blog; will not travel.


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