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Heads Up: HELLBOY: DOUBLE FEATURE OF EVIL by Mignola and Corben

Just noticed that CBR news has a preview of the forthcoming collaboration between Mike Mignola and Richard Corben, entitled Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil. Mignola and Corben have worked together on several different Hellboy stories in the past few years — every one of which is worth adding to your bookshelf — so I think one can safely say that, at last, Corben has found a new regular collaborator (à la Jan Strnad) who is genuinely excited to work with him and fully capable of delivering compelling scripts that play to Corben’s strengths as an artist!

“Richard and I were talking about shorter stories,” Mignola explained to CBR. “Richard apparently likes drawing Hellboy, and my opinion is, as long as he wants to draw Hellboy, I will keep throwing stories to him.

“One of the things I said to him was, ‘Would you mind if I came up with a couple of shorter stories for you to do?’ Both of these were stories that had been knocking about in my head for a long time, and so Double Feature Of Evil was just us coming up with a name for a one-shot that would have two stories.”

“With Double Feature of Evil,” adds Hellboy editor Scott Allie, “there was some internal factor in Mike making him think about these stories more often, but the external factor is that Richard did such an excellent job on Crooked Man that we wanted to give him some more straight horror stories. A lot of Hellboy stories aren’t really horror stories. They’re monster stories or action adventure stories. Double Feature is a pair of horror stories that Richard can pull off just about better than anybody.”

Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil is scheduled for publication later this year.


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