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Look Here: Two Self-Portraits from 1914, by Egon Schiele

3 thoughts on “Look Here: Two Self-Portraits from 1914, by Egon Schiele

  1. Ever see the Bill Sienkiewicz SPIDER-MAN cover where he nicked a Schiele pose? (at least he said ‘with apologies to Schiele’ on it)


  2. No, I haven’t, which is odd, because I used to be a fairly devoted Sienkiewicz fan (though I tended to restrict my purchases to work that was entirely by the hand of the master; “Inked by Bill Sienkiewicz” was seldom enough to get me to lay my money down). But then again, I stopped buying superhero comics with art by anyone other than Richard Corben a long time ago, so I guess in that sense, it’s not odd at all that I missed that Spider-Man cover… anyway, if you know which Spider-Man comic in particular had the Schiele-homage cover, please post the title and issue number, because I’d love to see it.


  3. Just searched and found Sienkiewicz’s cover for Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #133, which includes the year, 1987, and the note “After Schiele,” although I must say, “Apologies to Schiele” would have been more appropriate, as Sienkiewicz’s indifferently delineated, awkwardly arranged, conceptually dubious cover seems a lot more like a lampoon of Schiele’s sensitively limned, elegantly orchestrated, fearlessly frank self-portraits than an homage to them.


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