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Connections: Howard Pyle and Adrian Smith

As I was a-wanderin’ the Web for pleasure, I spied an illustration I thought looked familiar…

If it’s an homage, then Smith should be delighted someone recognized the reference, right?


Adrian Smith, Illustrator

2 thoughts on “Connections: Howard Pyle and Adrian Smith

  1. The same construction/composition, yes, for sure. But everything else is not different. The subject matter is basically the same: both are battle scenes with armed men on horseback overriding armed opposition as they charge toward the viewer. Even more telling, the rearing horse in the upper-left quadrant of Smith’s painting clearly echoes the rearing horse in the upper-left quadrant of Pyle’s painting. All of which leads me to conclude that either Smith’s painting is a “real homage” to Pyle or Smith simply used Pyle’s The Charge as a template for his painting. I don’t care one way or the other. But I don’t see a third option. Pyle’s influence on Smith’s painting is simply undeniable.

    P.S. In English, homage is the correct spelling.


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