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Look There: More Comics Stories with Art by Alex Toth

Here are the links, listed in order of first publication of the stories themselves:

Toreador from Texas,” Danger Trail #2 (DC, September-October 1950).

Too Many Suspects,” Green Lantern vol. 1, # 37 (National Comics Publications: March-April 1949), as reprinted in Detective Comics #440 (DC, April-May 1974).

The Bandidos,” Zorro #9 (Dell, March-May 1960).

Dangerous Competition,” The Frogmen #5 (Dell, May-July 1963).

Vision of Evil,” Eerie #2 (Warren, March 1966).

Eternal Hour,” The Witching Hour #1 (DC, February-March 1969).

ComputERR,” The Witching Hour #8 (DC, May 1970).

Mask of the Red Fox,” House of Mystery #187 (DC, July-August 1970).

The Mark of the Witch,” The Witching Hour #11 (DC, October-November 1970).

Bride of the Falcon,” The Sinister House of Secret Love # 3 (National Periodical Publications, March 1972).

Black Canary,” Adventure Comics #418 (DC: April 1972) & #419 (DC, May 1972).

Death Flies the Haunted Sky,” Detective Comics #442 (DC, August-September 1974).

Daddy and the Pie,” Eerie #64 (Warren, March 1975), as reprinted in UFO and Alien Comix (Warren, January 1978). And if you don’t like that scan, try this one.

Chennault Must Die!Savage Combat Tales #2 (Atlas, April 1975).

The Question,” The Charlton Bullseye #5 (CPL/Gang Publications, March-April 1976).

39/74,” Witzend #10 (Bill Pearson, 1976).


Click here for another short list of links to “Comics Stories with Art by Alex Toth” available on the Web.

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