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Look Here: Four gorgeous covers with art by Richard Powers

I purchased the following four paperbacks with cover art by the great Richard Powers late last year from an online seller, and this morning I finally roused myself to scan them for display on RCN:


To view all of the covers with art by Richard Powers that I’ve scanned and posted thus far in the life of RCN, start here.

Keywords: Of All Possible Worlds, A Cupful of Space, Needle in a Timestack, The Aluminum Man.

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Look Here: Three of six William Tenn covers by Stephen Miller

From the paperback collection of yours truly, here are three covers with art by Stephen Miller, produced for a simultaneous six-volume reprint series of works by the great SF author, William Tenn, published by Ballantine Science Fiction back in 1968:


The other three books in the series have covers by Stephen Miller that are as good as — and in at least one instance, perhaps two, significantly better than — the covers I’ve posted above. Unfortunately, I don’t own those ones, but you can easily find scans of them on flickr if you’re interested.

Keywords: Of Men and Monsters, Of All Possible Worlds, The Square Root of Man.

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Look Here: Three great paperback covers by Richard Powers

All three of the above covers were scanned from the library of yours truly.


David G. Hartwell on Richard M. Powers

The Richard M. Powers Cyber Art Gallery, curated by C. Jerry Kutner

The Powers Compendium

Keywords: The Human Angle, The Burning World, The Jewel-Hinged Jaw.