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Look Here: Two “Ben Gates Mystery” novels, with covers by McGinnis

One bare foot… hm… perhaps it’s a sign… a symbol of some sort… if only I could think what it means…


Sorry about the iffy scan on the second one. The book is a little bit warped, so the scanner created and caught a bit of glare.

BONUS COVER SCAN (added 14 August 2010):

This evening, as I was absent-mindedly browsing the paperback shelves in our basement, I came across a cover by an uncredited artist that had something about it that made me want to include it here…



Flickr > Kyle Katz > Robert Foster Covers

Keywords: Kill Now, Pay Later, Some Like It Cool, In Pursuit of the English.

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Look Here: Five vignette-style covers with art by Robert McGinnis

In my growing collection of vintage books, I have quite a few paperbacks with Robert McGinnis art. I posted a few last time; now, here are five more, in no particular order:

I usually prefer to display paperback covers in order of publication, but these Fawcett paperbacks mostly don’t include the year(s) of publication, only the year the book was copyright.

Keywords: Area of Suspicion, Assignment: White Rajah, The Damned, The Dragon’s Eye, The Price of Murder.

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Look Here: Four “Carter Brown” covers by Robert McGinnis

Scanned from the mouldering vintage-paperback library of yours truly, here are four “Carter Brown” covers by Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame inductee Robert McGinnis (1926 – ), everyman’s favourite pulp-paperback cover artist:

First interesting fact about McGinnis: his preferred medium for his cover paintings wasn’t oil, or watercolour, or gouache; rather, it was, and still is, egg tempera. Second interesting fact: McGinnis seldom drew from life but instead took photographs of models (etc.), projected them onto the painting surface, and traced the resulting images, clarifying the forms where necessary, and elongating and adjusting the limbs and features according to his distinctive sense of proportion and beauty. McGinnis very briefly demonstrates his working methods in a DVD entitled Robert McGinnis: Painting the Last Rose of Summer, which is not a painting video at all but rather a documentary overview of McGinnis’s career as a commercial artist and painter.

Keywords: The Wind-up Doll, Had I But Groaned, Blonde on a Broomstick, Blonde on the Rocks.