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Look Here: Five more SF paperbacks with cover art by Davis Melzer

More cover scans this morning, which I know will come as a big relief to those of you for whom it comes as a big relief:


The most obvious influence on Melzer’s art in the early 1970s was Kelly Freas. I have more Freas covers to post, so stay tuned for that, if that’s that sort of thing that’s your sort of thing.

Keywords: Margaret St. Clair, The Dancers of Noyo (NY: Ace, 1973), 13600, with cover art by Davis Meltzer; Theodore Sturgeon, The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon (NY: Ace, 1972), 91060, with cover art by Davis Meltzer; Bruce McAllister, Humanity Prime (NY: Ace, 1971), 34900, with cover art by Davis Meltzer; Clifford D. Simak, Time and Again (NY: Ace, nd), 81001, with cover art by Davis Meltzer; Andre Norton, Web of the Witch World (NY: Ace, nd), 87871, with cover art by Davis Meltzer.

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Look Here: Four more SF covers with art by Paul Lehr

A nice variety of covers by Lehr this time around. I especially dig Lehr’s 1967 cover for Margaret St. Clair’s The Dolphins of Altair, even if the exact location of the dorsal fin on the central dolphin (who, to Lehr’s credit, really looks like he is carrying a weight on his back) is slightly mysterious. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to chalk this one up to artistic license… the fin is entirely hidden by the woman’s body and that’s all there is to it…

Click here to view all of the covers with art by Paul Lehr that I’ve posted so far.

Keywords: The Dolphins of Altair, The Legion of Space, The Stars Like Dust, A Choice of Gods.

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Look Here: Four paperback covers by Jeffrey Jones

Further selections from a growing collection of brittle books that I’ve purchased just so I could scan the covers, post them here, lean back in my chair, and admire my own busywork:

The main thing to notice here is the improvement in Jones’s compositions, draftsmanship, and paint handling, from 1968 to 1971. There’s an awful lot of fudging going on in those covers from 1968 and 1969! There’s noticeably less fudging in the 1971 covers, however, which are not only very good in themselves but point the way to Jones’s terrific mid-1970s work for Zebra/Kensington and others.

Keywords: Diabolus, The Yngling, The Shadow People, All About Venus.