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Look Here: Five paperback covers with art by Bruce Pennington

More scans of books selected from the piles that continually rise and fall and fall and rise again around me here in our tiny home office; the artist this time around is Bruce Pennington:


Keywords: Bruce Pennington; Simon Rack; Macabre Railway Stories, edited by Ronald Holmes; Alpha 5, edited by Robert Silverberg; Starcross by Laurence James; The Towers of Utopia by Mack Reynolds; Lost Worlds: Volume 1 by Clark Ashton Smith

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Look Here: Two Mack Reynolds novels with bold cover art by Davis Meltzer

More crumbling paperbacks from the collection of yours truly, this time with cover art by an illustrator I know nothing about except that he definitely produced one of the following covers, the one that is uncredited but signed, and probably produced the other one, which is uncredited and unsigned — the signature has likely been cropped out — but which stylistic and contextual evidence suggests is also by him:


Keywords: Equality: In the Year 2000, The Five Way Secret Agent and Mercenary from Tomorrow.