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Look Here: Four more splendid SF covers with art by Kelly Freas

As promised almost two weeks ago, here are four more covers with art by Kelly Freas, freshly scanned from the collection of yours truly:


Older SF fans will no doubt recognize the illustration on the cover of Astounding: John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology as a reprint of the famous cover of the October 1953 issue of Astounding Science Fiction, which, apparently, was Kelly Freas’s debut as an SF illustrator. Campbell commissioned the cover from Freas as an accompaniment to Tom Godwin’s short story “The Gulf Between” — not included in the memorial anthology — and twenty-four years later, the rock band, Queen, commissioned Freas to created a pastiche of the image for their 1977 album, News of the World.

Keywords: Frank Kelly Freas; Astounding, edited by Harry Harrison; Dread Companion by Andre Norton; The Zen Gun by Barrington J. Bayley; The Wizards of Senchuria by Kenneth Bulmer.

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Look Here: Four paperback covers from 1968-69, with art by Jeffrey Jones

More scans from the paperback library of yours truly:


To view all of the paperback and other covers with art by Jeffrey Jones that I’ve posted so far, click here. And fair warning: I still have a few more left to scan!

Keywords: The Big Jump, Across Time, Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria, Kandar.