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Look Here, Read: “Art” by Gabby Schulz

I thought I had posted this already, but yesterday, as I was clicking through the pages in the “Art Collection” category here at RCN, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t. So here, for your viewing and reading enjoyment, is “Art” by Ken “Gabby Schulz” Dahl:


I purchased the above page of original art from the store at Gabby Schulz’s Playhouse back in November of 2012. The email receipt read, in part, as follows:

Thank you for your matronage/patronage! You’ve just helped a cartoonist stave off indigence for another day, and beautified your own life in the process.

Which, instead of making me feel proud to be a matron/patron of the arts, actually made me feel a bit guilty that I had paid so little for the work… but… hey, check it out! There’s another new full-colour strip — “Profiles in Bureaucracy” — on sale right now! Get ’em while they’re a bargain…

And don’t worry if everything is sold out by the time you visit the Playhouse store, because soon enough there will be another page… and another… and another… until inspiration fails… or Gabby calls a halt to the madness…


Here’s the tweet I posted right after I purchased the art:

Unfortunately, I haven’t been in a position to purchase more from Gabby Schulz yet. But I am in the process of buying a Barack Hussain Obama original from Steven Weissman, who has a new store up right here!

Better act quickly if you want a page from Steven, though; by his own admission, he is one of those “temperamental” artists who will not tolerate an unresponsive public: