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Look Here: Selections from NOBODY’S CAT, illustrated by John Schoenherr

John Schoenherr (1935-2010) is perhaps best known for his covers and spot illustrations for Frank Herbert’s Dune series. Herbert himself is purported to have said that Schoenherr is “the only man who has ever visited Dune,” and you’d be hard pressed, I think, to find any hardcore fans of those books who would disagree with the author’s assessment. So when I came across a battered old copy of Nobody’s Cat by Miska Miles, illustrated by John Schoenherr, I was, first, delighted to discover another side to the artist’s career, and second, impressed by the stark, uncompromising ferocity of his vision of a day in the life of a “wild cat” in the inner city. So even though the book was a library discard, the cover was barely attached, and several pages were stained beyond repair, I bought it anyway — it was only a quarter — sliced the pages completely loose with a scalpel and a straight-edge, and scanned the following images for your enjoyment:


Keywords: Nobody’s Cat (Toronto: Little, Brown, & Co., 1969) by Miska Miles; John Schoenherr.

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Look Here: Three SF covers with art by Powers, one with art by Schoenherr

Today RCN has got four freshly scanned selections from my personal archive of disintegrating SF paperback pulp for your viewing pleasure:


I don’t know much about John Schoenherr’s career in illustration, but I must say, Schoenherr’s painting for the 1961 Ace edition of Brunner’s Meeting at Infinity is a surreal stunner that even the universally acknowledged king of surreal SF cover art himself, Richard Powers, must have envied when he first laid eyes on it. For a minute or two. Maybe.

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Keywords: The Star Dwellers, The High Crusade, A Far Sunset, Meeting at Infinity.