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Look Here: Four mysteries from the ’40s from Pocket Books

The following paperbacks, inexpertly scanned by me from the collection of yours truly, were all printed in the early 1940s. The covers, unfortunately, are all uncredited. The artwork for William Irish’s Phantom Lady, however, is clearly signed by artist Leo Manso…


“William Irish” was a pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich, “Carter Dickson” was John Dickson Carr, and “Agatha Christie” was Agatha Christie.

Keywords: The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie, Phantom Lady by William Irish, Cornell Woolrich, Peril at End House by Agatha Christie, The Bowstring Murders by Carter Dickson, John Dickson Carr, Leo Manso.

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Look Here: Another cover with art by Lou Feck

On the one hand, the cropped Feck painting on the front of John Dickson Carr’s The Third Bullet violates two rules of pulp-fiction eroticism: 1) the woman is wearing no shoes instead of having one shoe on and one shoe off (one shoe on the ground doesn’t count), and 2) the shadow on her skin and on the ground is not in the shape of a man’s silhouette. On the other hand, who gives a rat’s ass?


Keywords: The Third Bullet by John Dickson Carr, Lou Feck.