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Look Here: Two more SF novels with cover art by John Berkey

Well, folks, here I am again, poised to post two more covers scanned from my personal stash of SF “classics.” This being the first post of 2015, I probably should have made the effort to dig out something really unusual or rare for your visual delectation, but then again, John Berkey is no slouch, and hey, at least it’s a post, right? Baby steps…


Keywords: Tiltangle by R. W. Mackelworth, Valis by Philip K. Dick, John Berkey.

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Look Here: A couple of lovely covers with atypical SF art by John Berkey

Scanned by me, as usual:


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Look Here: Four more SF covers with monumental machines by John Berkey

More covers, freshly scanned and displayed in order of publication:


Jupiter and Star Science Fiction 4 are wraparound covers, but I’m not in the mood right now to do the scanning and stitching necessary to display the back, spine, and front of each book as a single image. Sorry…

Keywords: Star Science Fiction 4, edited by Frederik Pohl; Jupiter, edited by Carol and Frederik Pohl; The Humanoid Touch by Jack Williamson; Rendezvous by D. Alexander Smith; John Berkey.

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Look Here: One lovely cover with art by John Berkey

Here’s another old paperback that I picked up on our recent trip to Calgary; excellent work here from John Berkey, who is perhaps best known for his lively renderings of impossibly massive spacecraft “screaming” past cities, moons, planets, stars, galaxies, although in his long, productive, successful career in illustration, he actually tackled a wide range of subjects, historical and contemporary, as well as futuristic:


Fourth thing I noticed about Dunkard’s Walk, right after the author’s name, the title, and Berkey’s artwork, was the quotation at the top of the cover: “‘Easily Pohl’s most satisfactory effort.’ — N.Y. Herald Tribune.” Ouch! Was that really the best notice that Drunkard’s Walk had received between its original publication in 1960 and the 1973 reprint you see above? And did that lukewarm “cover quote” ever entice anyone to buy the book?

Keywords: Drunkard’s Walk by Frederik Pohl, John Berkey.