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Look Here: Five covers, five couples

Of the following five covers — all scanned from the dusty, diverse paperback collection of yours truly — only one, A House Divided from Pocket Books, includes a formal illustrator credit, and the lucky artist is/was… wait for it… Jim Avati!


The best of the bunch: A House Divided and The Farmers Hotel. IMHO, of course!

Keywords: Smouldering Fires by Anya Seton, Above Suspicion by Helen MacInnes, The Finding of Jasper Holt by Grace Livingston Hill, The Farmers Hotel by John O’Hara, A House Divided by Pearl S. Buck.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2013 from RCN!



There are a LOT of novels in this numbered series of paperbacks by Grace Livinston Hill — the above is number twenty seven! — and to the publisher’s credit, they all have illustrative covers. But sadly, the level of artistry on the covers is, for the most part, neither excellent nor odd enough to make the novels worth collecting. The illustration on the cover of April Gold, however, is not only a cut above ALL of the others that I’ve seen in the series but is quite lovely and, yes, romantic, in and of itself. Which is why I bought it to scan for display online today, 14 February 2013.

Happy Valentine’s Day!