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Look Here: Three PBK covers with airbrush art by Grossman, by Pound, and by Pritchett

More scans? Yes, of course! Why not?! More scans…


You like? I like.

Keywords: Jimmy the Kid by Donald E. Westlake, The Space Swimmers by Gordon R. Dickson, Rajan by Tim Lukeman, John Pound, Robert Grossman, Tom Pritchett.

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Look Here: Four more covers by Paul Lehr

The 1964 edition of The Deep Range by Arthur C. Clarke with the cover by Paul Lehr is a pretty cool find, I think. It’s a pity the artwork is obscured by the title, etc., but the book is in excellent condition, so it scanned fairly nicely, and of course, it is instructive to compare it with Lehr’s later covers, which, unlike The Deep Range, typically combine highly saturated colours with a strict adherence to traditional colour schemes.

Keywords: The Deep Range, Planet Run, More Things in Heaven, Night of Delusions.