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Look Here, Read: “The Electronic Music Concert” by Fred Schrier

From Meef Comix #2 (May 1973), here’s “The Electronic Music Concert” by under-appreciated comix humorist Fred Schrier:


Why can’t I click on over to my favourite online bookstore and buy a fat hardcover collection of Fred Schrier’s underground comics?

Because the world isn’t arranged to please me, that’s why!

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Look Here, Read: Back Cover Comix

Underground comics, or comix, were typically printed in black and white on cheap pulp paper and stapled together with a colour cover printed on glossier stock. While many underground artists/publishers over the years have reserved the back cover as a showcase for full-page illustrations in colour, others have viewed it as an opportunity to give one carefully selected comics page a more lavish treatment! Here are thirteen “back cover comix” — twelve sequential; one non-sequential — from various underground comics with publication dates ranging from 1970 to 1993; information for each piece is embedded in the file title. Listed in the order their work is displayed below, the artists are Victor Moscoso, Foolbert Sturgeon, Fred Schrier, Skip Williamson, Lee Marrs (with Gail Madonea), Victor Moscoso (x2), B. Kliban, Harvey Kurtzman, Pokkettz, Gilbert Shelton, R. Diggs, and Stephane Blanquet: