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Look Here: Four more SF covers with art by Robert Foster

Here are four novels with cover art by Robert Foster that I acquired this spring:


Unfortunately, the edition of Davy that you see above is not the one I would prefer to own. The edition that I would prefer to own is the one that shows more of Robert Foster’s artwork and thus doesn’t drain all of the surrealism out of it:

You can view a snapshot of Foster’s painting, framed and hanging on somebody’s wall, over on the Illustration Exchange site, where you’ll find the following particulars: 19 x 25 inches, acrylic, 1964.

Keywords: The Masks of Time by Robert Silverberg, Davy by Edgar Pangborn, Light a Last Candle by Vincent King, The Burning by James E. Gunn, Robert Foster.

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Look Here: Three more SF paperbacks with cover art by Richard Powers

As the title of this post says, here are three more SF covers with art by Richard Powers, scanned by yours truly from my own Private Idaho of brittle old paperbacks.


Click here to view all of the covers with art by Richard Powers that I’ve scanned and posted so far.

Keywords: A Mirror for Observers, The Greks Bring Gifts, The Spacejacks.

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Look Here: Three paperback covers by Richard Corben

From the library of yours truly:

Keywords: The Penultimate Truth, Deus Irae, West of the Sun.