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Look Here: Four paperback covers with art by Lou Feck


Only one of the above paperbacks (scanned straight outta the collection of yours truly) includes a cover credit, but the art on the front of it and two others is signed “Lou Feck,” so… mystery solved! Unfortunately, the art on the fourth, Where Murder Waits, is only signed with the initials “L.F.,” but since the letter forms look the same as in the full signature, the time period is right, and the style is right in artist’s wheelhouse, I strongly suspect that that one is by Lou Feck as well.

The cover of Ice! is a fold out, obviously. Pity that the image, when folded in, doesn’t quite cover the underlying pages. Bet the designer wasn’t too happy when those books were delivered from the printer.

And finally, although Feck’s interpretation of A Canticle for Leibowitz is heavily indebted to the work of Paul Lehr, that cover is iconic — a classic!

Keywords: A Canticle for Leibowitz, Blue Fire, Ice, Where Murder Waits.