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Look There: “Jones Touch” from SWANK MAGAZINE, May-Nov/1972

A while ago, I posted a modest selection of “Jones Touch” comic strips by Jeffrey Jones. Well, today Mr. Door Tree over at the “Golden Age Comic Book Stories” blog has done us all a favour by posting a slightly more generous selection of “Jones Touch” strips that features larger and better quality scans that I was able to offer here. (I posted five strips altogether; Mr. Door Tree has posted that same five along with seven others you will no doubt want to see, although keep in mind that they’re defintely NSFW, i.e., not safe for work.) Click here to jump to Mr. Door Tree’s post at “The Golden Age” “Golden Age Comic Book Stories.” (And while you’re there, be sure to check out all the other work by Jeff Jones that Mr. Door Tree has posted since he started blogging. It’s an impressive collection!)

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Look Here: “Jones Touch” (1972) by Jeffrey Jones

Here are three “Jones Touch” strips, all dated 1972, that were originally published in Swank Magazine:

Fantagraphics published a comic-book collection of “Jones Touch” strips in 1993 under their Eros imprint, but the book is long out of print. So if anyone has a copy they would be willing to sell me for a decent price, just let me know, because although I don’t own it, I would very much like to.


Turns out, I’ve been barking up the wrong trees, looking for the Eros “Jones Touch” collection in old back-issue bins and on,, etc., because Eros still lists the book in their Web catalogue. I was prompted to check the Eros catalogue by a recent post on the Fantagraphics blog, which — thank you very much — includes a link to RCN. I have placed an order, and will report back when the book arrives.


Well, Fantagraphic’s “Jones Touch” collection is a huge disappointment. It’s in black and white rather than colour, and it simply doesn’t do justice to Jones’s work at all. No wonder copies were still available from the publisher 16 years after the comic was published.

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Look Here: Two from 1972, by Jeffrey Jones

I do believe these are from the “Jones Touch” series of strips that was published in Swank Magazine:

What a difference good paper makes to the quality of the scans!