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Heads Up: New hardcover edition of BLANKETS

With Craig Thompson’s new book, Habibi, set to be released by Pantheon this fall, Top Shelf has seized the moment to offer a new hardcover edition of Thompson’s blockbuster graphic novel, Blankets, resized to the same dimensions as Habibi, with a new cover design and redrawn cover art. The new hardcover (ISBN 978-1-60309-096-4) will ship in August 2011. And for those of you out there who prefer such things, a new softcover edition (ISBN 978-1-891830-43-3) with the same redrawn cover art as the hardcover edition will ship at the same time, with a list price of about ten bucks less than the hardcover.

Craig Thompson · Heads Up!

Heads Up: Craig Thompson’s “Habibi” to appear in September 2011

Over at his “Doot Doot Garden Blog,” Craig Thompson posted today to let his fans know that he has confirmed with his publisher, Pantheon, that his new graphic novel, Habibi, will officially be released on 20 September 2011, the day before his 36th birthday.

“The book,” writes Thompson, “will be $29.95 — 672 b&w pages — clothbound hardcover with stamped gold foil, and look something like the mock-up above. ”

Near as I can determine, Thompson has been working on Habibi for almost six years. And in a mere eight months time, he will be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour — a lengthy publicity tour with hour upon hour of sketching in and autographing books for his fans. As an admirer of Thompson’s draughtsmanship and virtuoso brush-and-ink technique, I worry about the toll the tour will take upon the artist’s drawing hand, but so long as he doesn’t try to produce a second Carnet de Voyage at the same time, he should be all right. Right?


UPDATE (23 January 2011):

According to the Random House online catalogue, Craig Thompson’s Habibi will be released on 20 September 2011 not only as a hardcover but also as an eBook.