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Another day, another web host…

Well… sorry for the overnight outage, folks, but now I’m back with a new site host that should allow me to post more often here without worrying about CPU usage and other technical nonsense. I’ve already put back a number of the features that I had stripped out of RCN in an attempt to work within the limitations of my previous hosting package, and I have activated a couple of new features. What this means for you is that you now have more points of entry into the RCN archive, and you can use your WordPress.com, Twitter, or Facebook accounts when you comment on this site.

I am hopeful that the new host and the new configuration will mean a better experience not only for visitors to this site but also for me. Yes, it is going to cost me a bit more to keep the site online from now on, but if that’s the price I have to pay to enjoy blogging at RCN again, so be it.

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