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Heads Up: The “definitive archival edition” of NEIL THE HORSE

The biggest news yesterday in the world o’ comics — yes, I said BIGGEST! — arrived in the form of the following media release:

Coming in the fall of 2013, Hermes Press presents Neil the Horse.

Now for the first time ever all of the classic Neil the Horse comic books are collected together in the definitive archival edition. Fully authorized by its creator, this book is reproduced from the original artwork.

Neil the Horse has long been acclaimed as one of the most innovative and charming comic creations of the 1980s. It has often been compared to the best work of Walt Disney; fans of the strip will finally be treated to a comprehensive reprint of this important strip.

Neil the Horse by Katherine Collins; 978-1-61345-035-2; 8.5 by 11; deluxe hardcover; reprints the complete Neil the Horse comic stories issues #1-#15; historical essay by Trina Robbins; documentary material; 320 pages; color and black and white; $60. Special signed limited edition with 32 pages of extra material and a signed tipped-in plate ISBN 978-1-61345-06-1; $95.

How much of a Neil the Horse fan am I? Enough that I am seriously considering ordering the limited edition! Maybe I can convince my wife to buy it for me as a Christmas gift…


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