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Look Here, Read: A day in the country on Paradise 9, as recorded by Nicole Claveloux

From Heavy Metal vol. I, no. 13, here is Nicole Claveloux‘s contribution to “Paradise 9 Magazine,” a compendium of short, journalistic visual reports by a select group of cartoonists who had recently been on “an all-expense paid round trip to Paradise 9, home planet of regular Metal Hurlant contributor Zha“:



Golden Haze > The Psychedelic Illustrations of Nicole Claveloux

The Nicole Claveloux category here at RCN is also worth a visit…

2 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: A day in the country on Paradise 9, as recorded by Nicole Claveloux

  1. Thanks for posting this. Claveloux is one of my favourite French BDistes, her pen work is lovely, she has a perfect feeling for the interplay between ink and paper … she’s the naughtier French version of George Herriman.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment, Mahendra. I’ve featured Claveloux’s work here a few times now. I’m definitely smitten. Too bad she has made zero headway in the English-language comics/book market. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think her work would be a perfect fit with Drawn & Quarterly.

    BTW, Mahendra, I bought your illustrated edition of THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK back in 2010 when it was first published, and I’m delighted to report, it’s a keeper!


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