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Heads Up: Help Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta publish HARRY PALMER: STARSTRUCK

Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta’s Harry Palmer: Starstruck — or “Old Proldiers Never Die” is projected to be a 176-page, “sci-fi noir graphic novel,” set in what the creators call the “Starstruck Multiverse.” The book will include 140 pages of sequential art, plus a gallery, a glossary, and special features intended “to immerse you deeply in Harry’s corner of the Multiverse.” If all goes as planned, the creators will complete work on the project in December of 2013, and the books will be printed and shipped in early 2014.

Sixty pages of Harry Palmer’s 140 page-plus story will be reprinted, in revised form, from the Marvel/Epic Starstruck series, episodes #2 and #3, while eighty brand-new story pages by Lee and Kaluta will detail Harry’s past as a rebel fighter in the revolution and a mercenary “proldier” fighting for Cyberforms in the Droid Wars as well as take us further into his very strange future.

If the fundraiser reaches its $44,000 goal — if it is 100% funded — Harry Palmer: Starstruck will be published in black and white, but if the total amount pledged reaches $69,000 — if it is 156.8% funded — Lee and Kaluta will hire a colourist and the book will be published in full colour.

I’d prefer full colour.

2 thoughts on “Heads Up: Help Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta publish HARRY PALMER: STARSTRUCK

  1. It is now Mid-December 2015… all the Starstruck: Harry Palmer “Old Proldiers Never Die” line art has been finished, and there are approx 12 of those pages left to color… there’s still production work to get to, so I can’t say When the book will finally be out, but: it is done and coming!!! Now I’m working on the Kickstarter Pledge Premiums as promised!


  2. Great news that you and Elaine are getting close to the finish line with the forthcoming book, and great fun to get the news directly from you, Michael. Thanks so much not only for stopping by but also for your participation in the “Better Things” documentary about the art and choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones and, most importantly, for a lifetime of great comics and illustration!


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