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Support BETTER THINGS via Indiegogo

The documentary, Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones, is complete, but as co-writer/producer/director Maria Cabardo notes in the introduction to her new Indiegogo funraising campaign, “The challenge now is to find the funds to repay these people [who have graciously loaned their skills and time to the project over the past few years] and bring the film to the widest audience possible and share the story of Jeffrey Catherine Jones and his art.” But that’s not all. If Cabardo meets her fundraising goal of $30,000, she will not only be able to pay her outstanding pre- and post-production debts, forthcoming marketing and advertising expenses, and ongoing production legal services and fees, but also will be able to complete a companion DVD of supplementary material, including cut interview footage with Jeffrey Catherine Jones himself, to accompany the feature.


If you would like to help Maria to take her completed documentary to the masses, or you would simply like to receive a copy of the forthcoming DVD or one of the many other rewards Maria is offering at various contribution levels, click here to check out her Indiegogo fundraiser. Unlike her previous Kickstarter campaign, which did not reach its fundraising goal and thus did not provide any money to the project — Jones fan that I am, I sent the money I had pledged anyway, no strings attached, and I’ve just contributed again, which means I’ve personally given a hundred and fifty bucks to the documentary — I say, unlike her unsuccessful Kickstarter, Cabardo’s Indiegogo fundraiser is a “flexible funding campaign,” which means that Maria will receive ALL of the funds contributed by Thu 28 Feb 11:59PM PT, and is obligated to deliver all of the perks/rewards, regardless of whether the rather ambitious goal of $30,000 is met or not.

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