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Look Here, Read: “Red Talons of Lupercalia,” with art by Louis Zansky

From Baffling Mysteries #11 (November 1952), here’s “Red Talons of Lupercalia,” with art by Louis Zansky:



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One thought on “Look Here, Read: “Red Talons of Lupercalia,” with art by Louis Zansky

  1. Hilarious, with all the clichés intact. As well as some serious confusion.
    Set in Czechoslovakia, which isn’t in the Balkans or even eastern Europe. And didn’t have a lot of villages with Bavarian-looking peasants staking corpses, or dissolute counts living in spooky castles. Especially not in the fifties, when it was a communist country.
    And why would vampires want to disinter and mutilate bodies? Surely they need fresh blood.


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