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Look Here, Read: “Frankie Garson the Bookie King”

From Crime and Punishment #70 (December 1954), here’s “Frankie Garson the Bookie King”; the artist is uncredited, and the Grand Comics Database is no help in this instance, but judging by the odd landscapes, the distinctive character types, the loose but economical inking, and the thoughtful panel compositions, I’m fairly confident that the artist is our old friend Louis Zansky, whose work in comics has, for the most part, fallen into the public domain and is thus ripe for collection by some enterprising publisher with shallow pockets and questionable taste:










To view all of the stories (in the public domain) with art by Louis Zansky that have appeared on RCN since January of this year, click here.

And, all joking aside, I wouldn’t have posted all of those stories if I didn’t think highly of Zansky’s work in comics. It’s just a pity that he dropped out of the business before he had a chance to work with some better scripts.

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