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Heads Up: “Alex Toth’s Zorro: The Complete Dell Comics Adventures”

Coming in December from Hermes Press:

The publisher’s description:

Comics legend Alex Toth’s piece de resistance, the complete Dell adventures of Zorro, is finally available in a [240-page] full-color, archival hardcover reprint! Toth, who defined how action/adventure stories are told, set the standard for comic book storytelling with his Zorro tales. Cited by comic book artists, historians, and fans as some of Toth’s best work, these stories have been painstakingly digitally reconstructed to look better than the original Dell comic books in this deluxe reprint, which also includes tons of supplemental material.

You can read the first episode of the series, in English (in black and white and in colour) and in Spanish (recoloured), at Horacio Diez’s “CÓMIC, historietas, tebeos…” blog. Here’s the link: ALEX TOTH. LA IMPORTANCIA DE LA EDICIÓN.

You can also read the first episode at, starting here. And at Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine, right here.

Unfortunately, the one thing that all of those scans have in common is that they are very low resolution.

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