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Look Here: Six for a buck fifty

The paperbacks at a garage sale I visited yesterday were all twenty-five cents each; I bought these ones:


If there had been more in a similar vein, I’d have bought them too. But there weren’t, so I didn’t.

Keywords: Assignment: Madeleine, Free and Easy, Going to Meet the Man, Killer Mine, In a Deadly Vein, Station Wagon in Spain.

4 thoughts on “Look Here: Six for a buck fifty

  1. My goodness, those are all stunning. I’m especially smitten with the cover to Station Wagon in Spain!


  2. I like the Station Wagon in Spain cover the best, too.

    Sorry I don’t have any info about the artist. But judging by the composition and the technique, it could easily be Bernie Fuchs.

    There are other possibilities, of course.

    Also, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  3. The cover for the James Baldwin book “Going to Meet the Man” shows an artist’s signature but I cannot read it from your scan. It is on the left border of the art. Maybe you can read it from the actual book.

    I love your site.


  4. If memory serves, Greg, I puzzled over that signature for some time, back when I scanned that cover. I couldn’t decipher it then, I could’t find any info via google, and I still have no idea.

    But thanks so much for taking the time to post a comment.


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