Ebay Win

Five items I purchased this week on eBay…

All images copied from the actual eBay listings…

Not that anyone should care, but I got a good deal on each of the above items on eBay this week; what’s more, I purchased all four of the books from the same seller, who agreed to ship them to me all in one package for one low price. I bought Small Wonders because I don’t have it and the “Buy It Now” price was $8.99 and I’m enough of a Frazetta fan that I couldn’t resist. I bought the two paperbacks because they have covers with art by Jeffrey Jones, and yes, I will scan and post them later on RCN. I bought The Illustrated Comic Art Workshop, Vol. #2: Penciling because I ordered a copy when I was a teenager but never received the book and I’m sort of curious to see what I missed! And I bought the Captain Beefheart t-shirt because I like to buy clothes for my son that I would have loved to have worn myself at his age.


Here’s the coolest t-shirt I ever bought for my son:

I bought the black one. Wish I were young enough to wear it myself. But middle-aged guys in graphic t-shirts always look slightly ridiculous to me. I refuse to be one of those guys.

2 thoughts on “Five items I purchased this week on eBay…

  1. I have that copy of the Illustrated Comic Art Workshop… And I think I may still have the first issue… I understand what you mean about the t-shirt… Earlier this week, I bought a t-shirt showing a Gibson Les Paul for my son…


  2. I also have the first issue of The Illustrated Comic Art Workshop. Since I grew up on a farm out in the middle of nowhere, I had to buy it by mail order. And because the order was successful, I felt confident ordering the second volume. But it just never arrived…

    A Gibson Les Paul t-shirt, eh? That’s definitely cool.


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