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Heads Up: Water-damaged art by Eldon Dedini for sale on eBay

Right now on eBay, Lewis Wayne Gallery has the following cartoon by Eldon Dedini up for auction:


The lower half of the sheet is water damaged, but Dedini was a master cartoonist, so the image is still fun to examine up close.

(Click it and see for yourself.)

Of course, if you’re interested in purchasing the piece, the damage means that you might actually be able to secure it for a reasonable sum. At the time I am writing this post, “THIS SPACE FOR RENT” has attracted six bids, with the current bid sitting at US $105.95, although with two-and-a-half days to go until the auction closes, I predict that the final bid will be quite a bit higher.

To find the piece on eBay, simply search for “Eldon Dedini” and “THIS SPACE FOR RENT.”

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