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Heads Up: WALLY WOOD’S EC STORIES ARTIST’S EDITION going back to press!


If (like most people) you were unable to get hold of a copy of the first printing of Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition, Scott Dunbier of IDW has some good news: the publisher is sending the book back to press for a second printing! If you’re interested in purchasing the book, and you want to guarantee that you get a copy this time around, you would be well advised to PRE-ORDER directly from the publisher. Here’s the link.

Please note, however, that Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition will not ship until it becomes available in late May to early June 2012.


Wings Studio > Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition – The Friday Book Review by Christopher “Wing” King

6 thoughts on “Heads Up: WALLY WOOD’S EC STORIES ARTIST’S EDITION going back to press!

  1. Not just $125, Li-An. Because the art in Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition is printed at the same size as the original art, it’s US$125 PLUS a substantial amount for shipping — $33.59 by UPS ground to my home here in the Queen City, for instance, and that was the cheapest option. I shudder to think how much IDW would have to charge to ship the book to France!


  2. I pre-ordered the book at August 2011 from a comic shop here in Athens via Previews,arrived early this month,I pay 120 euros and the owner of the shop told that at this price still make a profit.So to conclude i think the best way to buy this book is through Previews plus a real honest seller.


  3. My first exposure to Wood was through World of Wood mini-series from Eclipse.It was about 17 years ago that i discover in my neighborhood (if it’s ever possible) a warehouse own by a Greek-American just settled back from the USA.It was a fantastic time for me,actually my first real contact with american comics.(until this time i was reading mostly European stuff).Anyway my love for Wood’s work grew stronger and stronger,his fate touched me deeply,as Cathrine Yronwode put it “no man should ever suffer like that let along an artisst like Wood”.His stories sing in my mind,my heart leaps when i enter the worlds he created and while there are all around the globe people that love him like this – and this book proves there are many – his legacy will continued.From my part i will make sure my kid to see what this artist was all about.


  4. It’s always a great day when you discover an artist whose work touches you in a way that stays with you for the rest of your life.

    BTW, UK-based dealer The Book Palace is currently selling what I assume are copies of the first printing of Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition for £150.00 ($240.00) (€137,50). Ouch!


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