3 thoughts on “Out of Context: “And so, on my doorstep, we kissed… and said goodbye…”

  1. In a recent comment here (which was lost due to circumstances beyond my control), David B Stewart asked: “What is this from? It’s quite striking.”

    The file name reveals all, Dave:


    In other words, the sequence is from the story “Go ‘Way, Darling!” which was published in Girls’ Love Stories #52 (Feb 1958).


  2. No problem, Dave. RCN doesn’t attract many comments, so it is no burden for me to answer a question or two.

    Despite the lack of participants, however, I am pleased to report that since Christmas the number of unique visitors that RCN receives per day has consistently been about triple (and some days, quadruple) what it was before Christmas. I’m not sure what happened. I do know, however, that RCN has been steadily creeping up the rankings in many Google searches. I’m no expert in search-engine optimization, but I would guess that one advantage RCN has over some other blogs is that so far the content here has been stable, i.e., pretty much everything I have ever posted is still available for visitors to browse, read, download, etc. Google image search, especially, has been, and continues to be, a BIG source of incoming traffic for RCN.


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