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Coming in 2012 from Vanguard Productions, The Frazetta Sketchbook by Frank Frazetta and J. David Spurlock is an “all-new art collection” that was planned shortly before the Frazetta died on 10 May 2010. According to the publisher, the book “is brimming with rare and previously unpublished drawings and painting preliminaries of the subjects Frazetta is best remembered for including barbarians, wild beasts, Tarzan, buxom beauties, monsters and Conan.”

If all goes as planned, The Frazetta Sketchbook will be published in hardcover in August 2012 (ISBN-10: 1-934331-57-0, ISBN-13: 9781934331576), with a softcover edition scheduled for September 2012 (ISBN-10: 1-934331-56-2, ISBN-13: 9781934331569). Although the hardcover edition will have six more pages than the softcover (134 pages vs. 128 pages), both editions, says the publisher, will “feature big, 8.5″ x 11″ lavish illustrated, full-color pages with text.”

Click here for the official announcement.

2 thoughts on “Heads Up: THE FRAZETTA SKETCHBOOK (2012)

  1. Given that there already is a Frazetta sketchbook and numerous other books I would hope they would come up with new material. Odd then that the cover is neither a sketch nor previously unpublished. I’ve been very disappointed with Vanguard – they give glossy packaging but the selection of art is low quality leftovers. Add to that that the Frazetta family has been in a vulture like battle over control of their father’s estate, I’m not hopeful about this publication.


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