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Look Here, Read: “Dying City!” with art by Toth and Kurtzman

From a 1993 reprint of Two-Fisted Tales #22 (EC, 1951), here’s “Dying City!” with script and layouts by Harvey Kurtzman, pencils by Alex Toth, and inks by Kurtzman:

Of course, in the summer of 2012, “Dying City!” will be back in print, this time from Fantagraphics, which recently acquired the reprint rights to the EC Comics Library and has announced plans to publish a series of volumes focused on individual creators. “Corpse on the Imjin” and Other Stories (including “Dying City!”) by Harvey Kurtzman and his various collaborators (ISBN: 978-1-60699-545-7) will be the first volume in the series.

3 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: “Dying City!” with art by Toth and Kurtzman

  1. I’m reading the book about Toth’s work and it’s said Toth did not like to work with Kurtzman he considered too “directive”.


  2. The unnatural coloring adds to the excitement of some of these images. (I just got the Kurtzman collection the other day). I wonder if what you have here is the original coloring, or done for the reprints? Frank Stack wrote that Marie Severin recreated her own coloring for the covers…

    Glad you posted this. I keep ending up on Ragged Claws again and again.


  3. “I wonder if what you have here is the original coloring, or done for the reprints?”

    As far as I can tell, having just done a little online research, the colouring that you see above seems to be an attempt to recreate the original colouring. I think that the scan of “Dying City!” that Michael Sporn posted on his blog back in 2011 is a scan of the original printing. If you compare the above version with the version on Michael’s site, you’ll find they are substantially the same but that there are also a lot of tiny differences in terms of both colour tints and colour coverage. Again, I think that is because the colour in the version I posted is a recreation, with editorial “corrections,” of the colouring in the version Michael posted. Clear?

    Of course, if anyone out there who is not banned from RCN knows for a fact that I’ve got it all wrong, please feel free to post a comment here to set the record straight.

    Finally, Brian, thanks very much for dropping by… again… and again…

    For over a year now, has been telling me, “Your stats are booming! Looks like ‘Ragged Claws Network’ is getting lots of traffic.”

    Now I know why! 😉


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