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Heads Up Follow-up: DRAWING THE HEAD AND HANDS by Andrew Loomis

Drawing the Head and Hands (160 pages; ISBN-10: 0857680978, ISBN-13: 978-0857680976) will be the second in Titan Books’ new line of facsimile editions of Andrew Loomis’s celebrated art instruction books. The first volume, Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth, is available now, and it’s a beauty. Other volumes that have already been announced include Fun with a Pencil and Creative Illustration.

And keep in mind: you don’t have to take my word that Loomis’s sophisticated but practical course of instruction will benefit any student of art who wishes to become proficient at drawing lively human figures in deep pictorial space from imagination as well as from life. Loomis’s books have been available for free download online for several years now. So before you order, you have nobody but yourself to blame if you haven’t already test-driven the content; however, if you have already taken Loomis’s analytical concepts and encouraging words for a spin, and you have a notion that what Loomis has to offer will help you get where you want to go as an artist, now is definitely the time to buy, because I daresay that even if you are much, much younger than I am, you are unlikely to see better reprints of Loomis’s books in your lifetime — though if Titan Books also decides to publish softcover editions, you might, eventually, see slightly cheaper ones.

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Heads Up: “Drawing the Head and Hands” by Andrew Loomis

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