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Scheduled to be released in July 2011, Eklektikos promises to be one of the must-have new art books of the summer season. A previous book, Amalgam: Paintings and Drawings, 1992-2007, cemented Kent Williams’s place as not merely one of the finest painters ever to begin his career as a comics artist but as an artist to be reckoned with in any company, and judging by the paintings and drawings that Williams has been posting on his Web site — see PAINTINGS 2011-2012, PAINTINGS 2009–2010, and DRAWINGS 2011-2012, DRAWINGS 2009-2010Eklektikos, which Williams has informed the world via twitter will cover work since Amalgam, should lift his reputation to even greater heights.

3 thoughts on “Heads Up: KENT WILLIAMS: EKLEKTIKOS

  1. Hey, it seems the theme has been revamped here ! (very nice).
    I was not a great fan of William’s work but his evolution is very impressive. Beautiful cover.


  2. Yeah, I switched RCN to a more up-to-date theme a few months ago. Then, of course, I spent quite a lot of time tweaking things here and there to tone down the design — straight out of the box, it was too garish for my taste. Still, the new theme is a marvel of WordPress programming ingenuity. I’d never be able to create such a thing on my own in any reasonable time frame, and in fact, I’m only using a small fraction of the features that are built into it.


  3. Of course, I have long since jettisoned that “up-to-date theme” for my own child version of the Twenty-Eleven theme that I call “Son of Twenty Eleven.” The reason I made the change is that the “up-to-date theme” turned out to be a tremendous resource hog. I had to scale back the features in order to keep the site online at a reasonable cost. And then along came WordPress JetPack, which has been a tremendous addition to the site, mainly because it offloads some of the processing and file serving to the WordPress servers.


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