2 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: “The Tally,” with art by Alex Toth

  1. Toth’s fantastic, and I greatly enjoyed this story, but felt he missed it a bit in the final four panels–too similar, that first, to the remaining three, and the same saturated yellow with the burst lines in all four just too repetitious. Not to mention that we didn’t get to see his bandaged face (and facial expression) at all. I think Toth should’ve swung the “camera” around in those last four panels. Still, he’s one of the best of the best in comics, and this story is loaded with great moments. Thank you for sharing it!


  2. Whenever Toth hides all or part of a character’s face, or deploys close ups of his characters sparingly, like precious jewels, or repeats visual elements from one panel to the next, or whatever, he always does so deliberately and for specific thematic, psychological, rhetorical, or other reasons. So before readers presume to correct Toth’s work by suggesting how he ought to have handled a particular scene or moment, I would argue that they need to try a lot harder than you have, to understand what Toth has accomplished by breaking down and drawing the story/script his way.


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