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Look Here, Read: “Hide Your Love,” with art by Alex Toth

From Young Love #74 (May-June 1969), here’s “Hide Your Love,” with art by Alex Toth and story by an uncredited writer:


I happen to love beautifully drawn romance comics, but even if you don’t, you will surely recognize the brilliance of Toth’s design of the opening page, with its elegant panel arrangement that steps down in a curve from left to right around the title of the story, which, for our eyes only, Toth has written on the troubling engagement-party invitation card that the main character, Betty, has just received from her “friend” Elaine, a card that is half-hidden inside an envelope the outlines of which define the panel — Betty’s arrival at Elaine’s party — that closes the opening page! If you have read the story, you’ll know why this is significant…

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