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Heads Up: “The Incal Classic Collection”

To the relief, perhaps, of cash-strapped, English-speaking Jodorowsky and Moebius fans who took a pass on (or simply couldn’t get hold of) the very expensive, Absolute Edition-sized, slipcased hardcover, The Incal Classic Collection, published by Humanoids in 2010 in a limited edition of 750 copies, the company has decided to publish a smaller but more affordable hardcover English-language reprint, The Incal Classic Collection (308 pages; ISBN-10: 1594650152; ISBN-13: 978-1594650154). According to Amazon.ca, the collection will be available in May 2011; list price is CDN$46.00, but if you pre-order now, the price is CDN$28.84, which is a very good deal, I think.

In England, The Incal will be published (with a different cover and without the subtitle “The Classic Collection”) by SelfMadeHero (ISBN-10: 1906838399; ISBN-13: 978-1906838393).

2 thoughts on “Heads Up: “The Incal Classic Collection”

  1. I remember The Incal being one of the main reasons I started reading Heavy-Metal. I also remember there being a really weird looking re-issue (i think it was Italian), with a whole new colour scheme being published sometime ago.

    Assuming this is the version I read in heavy-metal, I’ll be very excited to make a pre-order.
    Anyway, thanks for the heads up!


  2. You’re welcome, Jose. I expect that the colouring will be the same as was seen in the limited edition. You can follow the link that I posted right in the middle of the “heads up” to see what that looked like. I don’t think it’s identical with the Heavy Metal version, but it is definitely not the over-rendered version you and almost everyone else hated either.


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