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Look Here, Read: Two “Strange Tales” with art by Bill Benulis

Born in 1928 in Brooklyn, New York, Bill Benulis began his career in comics in 1949 (near as I can figure) only to give it up about seven years later for the income security of a job with the post office, but his distinctive artwork, both pencils and inks, for stories like “The Voice of Doom,” Strange Tales #9 (August 1952), and, especially, “The Frightful Feet,” Strange Tales #10 (September 1952), shows that, with the right kind of encouragement, he might have been a contender! IMHO, of course…

One thought on “Look Here, Read: Two “Strange Tales” with art by Bill Benulis

  1. I’m glad to see the work of Bill Benulis desrevedly praised. His distinctive style left a mark on my childhood’s comic book reading. His art may have not been as great as that of an Eisner, Maneely or Powell (to name a few) but his original approach fully compensated it. For me, a true master!


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