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Look Here, Read: “My Heart Broke in Hollywood,” with art by Jim Steranko

From My Love #23 (May 1973), here’s a tale of romance as narrated to Stan Lee and illustrated by Jim Steranko:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

(But what a stupid ending to that story… )


The Simon Drax Blog: “My Heart Broke in Hollywood,” from Our Love Story (June 1970) — the first printing.

ana_lee: “My Heart Broke in Hollywood,” as reprinted in Marvel Visionaries: Jim Steranko (2002)


Cloud 9: The Passing of a God — here’s a notice of the death of Frazetta that includes the complete story, “Empty Heart,” from Personal Love #28 (1954) with glorious black-and-white art by the master.


Click here to visit an online gallery of all of the original Alex Toth art for the 7-page story “I Fooled My Heart,” Popular Romance #24 (July 1953).

3 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: “My Heart Broke in Hollywood,” with art by Jim Steranko

  1. Any resemblance between the two stories is superficial, at best. The Frazetta-illustrated version revolves around a simple situation-/romantic-comedy style misunderstanding caused by a lack of communication — notice how the roadblock to romance immediately dissolves when the woman finally demands that the man she is in love with tell her exactly what his problem is, which turns out to be no problem at all — whereas Lee’s version is a sexist fantasy in which a young woman who claims that she “longed for an acting career in Hollywood — all of my life,” and is in early stages of working to make it happen, abandons her personal ambitions in a heartbeat for a completely different kind of “career in Hollywood,” namely, a “lifetime contract” as “the star” that the dashing, charismatic director with whom she has fallen in love has selected “to take the role of — my wife!”


  2. From today’s edition of The Vancouver Sun, a sign of the times…

    Lady Gaga fears she may be single forever, ‘but it’s the price I’ll have to pay’

    Singer says she will always put her career first

    BANG Showbiz

    February 20, 2011

    Lady Gaga admits she could be single forever – because she won’t put a man before her career.

    The ‘Born This Way’ singer refuses to make sacrifices in her professional life for her lovers because her music is her priority, and if that means she doesn’t stay in relationships then so be it.

    She said: “Women have to make decisions and it’s the toughest thing ever. Is it a man or is it a career? I was with a man once who couldn’t understand that other things could come first. I tried not to let them but then I was just unhappy, I had to break away. I know I run the risk of being alone for ever, but it’s the price I’ll have to pay.”

    One of the reasons why Gaga won’t make compromises for guys is that her music can never disappoint her like a man could.

    She added: “I’d never let any man come before my career. I guess there’s some fear inside of me which makes me this way. My music is never going to roll over in bed one morning and tell me that it doesn’t love me any more. I have a big problem with rejection.”

    “Human thought is like a monstrous pendulum; it keeps swinging from one extreme to the other.” — Eugene Field


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