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Heads Up: Tully and Bellamy’s “Heros the Spartan” in 2011?

Here are two sample pages from Heros the Spartan, written by Tom Tully and drawn by Frank Bellamy:

And here are the details of the forthcoming collection from Titan Books; my source is the online catalogue:

Heros the Spartan [Hardcover]
Tom Tully (Author)

RRP: £12.57
Price: £9.59 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery. See details and conditions
You Save: £2.98

# Hardcover: 128 pages
# Publisher: Titan Books (UK) (3 May 2011)
# Language English
# ISBN-10: 1848568932
# ISBN-13: 978-1848568938

There’s also a listing for Heros the Spartan at with a ridiculous publication date of “Dec 31 2035,” but the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 numbers are the same as in the listing at, so I think Bellamy fans have reason to believe that a collection really is in the works.

BTW, if you’re looking for a heavy-weight endorsement of Frank Bellamy’s work on Heros the Spartan, you need look no further than RCN favourite, Barry Windsor-Smith, who said in an interview with Comic Book Artist magazine in 1998, “I was quite awestruck by Bellamy, his Heros the Spartan was simply magnificent.[…] Britain had a clutch of exceptionally gifted comics artists during the ’50s and ’60s but the subject matter of the strips often disinterested me. I liked Dan Dare and Heros, I think that’s all. I named the lead male character in my ‘Young Gods’ series Heros in homage to Bellamy.”

Given his fond memories and admiring assessment of Heros the Spartan, I would imagine that BWS was pleased to be profiled, along with Frank Bellamy (and eight other comics luminaries), by P. R. Garriock in his 1978 book, Masters of Comic Book Art. As I recall, one of the highlights of Garriock’s book was the inclusion of an episode of Heros that had been “exhibited in New York in 1972 when Bellamy received the award for Best Foreign Artist from the Academy of Comic Book Art” (Garriock, p. 38); a monumental battle sequence, the strip was reproduced in full-colour across two full pages — 40 and 41 — of what was a 9-by-12-inch trade paperback.

The other artists profiled by Garriock included Richard Corben, Robert Crumb, Philippe Druillet, Will Eisner, Jean Giraud, Harvey Kurtzman, Victor Moscoso, and Wallace Wood.

4 thoughts on “Heads Up: Tully and Bellamy’s “Heros the Spartan” in 2011?

  1. Hi ‘RC’
    Yes, Titan have registered the ISBNs

    Beyond that we have no details yet, – I asked the books’ editor

    Great site by the way


  2. Hi Norman!

    Thanks for taking a moment to post confirmation that the project is, indeed, in the works. It’ll be interesting to see how large the actual volumes are. Of course, hard-core collectors want the pages to be as large as the original strips, but if that’s the case, the book will be so expensive that the hard-core collectors are the only ones who will buy it.

    With best wishes,

    P.S. Fans looking to compile a Bellamy collection would do well to start their search at Norman’s Web site, Frank Bellamy – The Checklist.


  3. Hi again RC,
    Yes, it will be large, but you wouldn’t want a small version. The Titan reprints tend to do a reasonable job but lose art down the gutter of the binding, Geoff West and Peter Richardson assure me this will not happen. This is very important with Bellamy’s art as he designed the complete double page as an element. Anyway, I wanted to say some of the pages are being produced from high quality scans of the originals – which I can assure you are FAR better than the published Eagle versions
    Great blog RC, always enjoy those obscure covers and can never get enough Jeff Jones


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