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Heads Up: “Better Things: Life + Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones” Needs Your Help!

Producer/Director Maria Cabardo needs $15,000 to complete her documentary on Jeffrey Catherine Jones, and you can help:


The documentary features not only comic book artists but other comics industry professionals as well. Jones’s life and work are the highlights, but the effects of art — on an individual, on society, and as a business — are also discussed. How important and influential is art? Can it really save a person’s life, as its practitioners claim? How did it evolve from pure decoration to a commercial commodity? All of these questions will be examined as we explore the world of Jeffrey Jones. The story of art is, in the end, the story of artists, and the whole can also be seen in its parts.

The movie is currently in post-production, most of the funding will go to the expenses incurred during this stage.

For more information, check out the Director’s blogsite at macabfilms.com.

Or better, click here to view the Kickstarter page.

This “Kickstarter” project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Tuesday Feb 8, 9:09 pm EST. Minimum pledge is a buck, but if you pledge $50 or more you’ll receive a “Special Limited Edition DVD and Movie Poster” after the movie has been released. As of yesterday, with 56 days to go, a grand total of 10 backers had pledged $582. Today, with 55 days to go, 11 backers (10 plus yours truly) have pledged $632. It’s a hell of a long way to $15,000, but with enough publicity, the project might attract enough supporters to reach the finish line. Thus, this post.

P.S. Speaking of how one should go about publicizing one’s fundraising efforts, I have to say, the people at MaCab films aren’t helping themselves with their blog. The most recent post on the first page of the blog is dated May 29, 2009! Where’s the information about their Kickstarter project? Nowhere to be seen. Where should it be? Front and centre from now until February 8, 2011. Yes, some of the formal sub-pages have more recent material, but that’s not the way to get attention on a blog. Post on the front page, and post often. Let your personality and enthusiasm show. Make someone associated with the project available for interviews on comics, illustration, and art sites, and publicize those interviews on your blog. Include images with every post. And last but not least, do as I say, not as I do!

UPDATE (14 January 2011):

With 24 days to go, 26 backers have pledged $1,443 of the above project’s $15,000 goal. If the goal is not reached, the project receives nothing, and time is quickly running out.

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